Water Quality


5-10 minute reads

Hydraulic Fracking in California

A blog post about a report on the effects of hydraulic fracturing on California water quality. It includes policy recommendations for mitigating impacts.

15-30 minute reads

Guide to Protecting Drinking Water Quality

Hydraulic Fracturing in California: Water Quality Protection

Groundwater in the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

This factsheet offers best practices for protecting drinking water quality under SGMA.

This testimony was given before the Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee and Assembly Natural Resources Committee. It details the effects of hydraulic fracturing on California water quality, fracking regulations, and includes policy recommendations.

This factsheet describes how arsenic, uranium, and chromium enter groundwater and how to prevent, limit, or reverse contamination.

Greater than 2 hour reads

Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in California

This report explains the risks of hydraulic fracturing and attendant unconventional oil and gas production processes in California.