Community Engagement

Community Engagement

10-30 minute reads

Community Groundwater Management Worksheet

Eastern San Joaquin Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan Development

Interested persons letter template

Questionaire for those participating in a GSP workshop. Includes general question and questions related to GSAs in order to get participants thinking about the workshop.

This resource includes multiple PDFs catered for different topics such as Public Involvement and SGMA, etc. This is useful material for community engagement in which they allow for people to also find which GSA they’re located in to get more involved.

Instructions on the way community members should be writing letters to leaders who play a big role in SGMA. Also, there are specific people who you are supposed to send it to and there is a list.

Eastern San Joaquin Groundwater Subbasin

This website has information on plan development, grants, agency forms, and comment letters.

1 hour reads

Getting Involved in Groundwater

“Collaborating for Success: Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Implementation”

Designing Effective Groundwater Sustainability Agencies: Criteria For Evaluation of Local Governance Options

Designed to help you get involved in developing a local groundwater sustainability plan, a requirement of California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. They explain the different ways they measure groundwater condtions in the basins. It’s a description of how GSPs should also involve the public.

This PDF speaks about the different ways stakeholders could engage with GSPs in order to incorporate their concerns in the activities and decision-making of an organization or group.

This report states the process of GSAs and how to support the development of a new GSA. It is a tool that can be used to give a good effective GSA.

Public Involvement in SGMA: Engaging in Sustainability Planning

SGMA and Underrepresented Farmers: Impact of Groundwater Sustainability Plans on Underrepresented Farmers

A set of suggestions and resources for facilitating public involvement in SGMA

This report responds to concerns expressed by groundwater sustainability advocates that underrepresented farmers have not been included in the development and implementation of Groundwater Sustainability Plans.