Groundwater 101


10-30 minute reads

Saving Troubled Water Systems Requires Flexible Solutions, Not Mandates

The Big Water Supply Shift

California’s five-year drought highlighted the struggles faced by small water systems. Legal and policy solutions are in the works, but they must remain adaptable to meet the needs of small communities.

California is increasingly turning to groundwater to meet its water needs, but California’s prolonged drought has led to the overpumping of groundwater. This report provides context for why sustainable groundwater management is so important, especially in the face of climate change.

1 hour reads

Beginner’s Guide to Groundwater Planning

Learning from California’s Experience with Small Water System Consolidations

California groundwater management, science-policy interfaces, and the legacies of artificial legal distinctions

A video overview of the most important concepts to understand for groundwater planning.

Consolidation of small water systems can create economies of scale that improve water access in disadvantaged communities. This report synthesizes a workshop aimed at identifying lessons learned from consolidations and building dialogue among stakeholders.

This journal letter discusses SGMA’s implications for groundwater-surface water interactions. “Drawing on legal analysis and participatory workshops with subject area experts, we describe the challenges of reconciling the separate legal systems that grew out of an artificial legal distinction between different aspects of the same resource.”

California’s Groundwater Update (2013)

A compilation of enhanced content for California’s Water Plan Update (2013). This document includes appendices, twelve chapters of region specific updates and a combined statewide update.