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Monthly Call

The NGO Groundwater Collaborative hosts monthly calls in which we share experiences, provide updates, and strategize on groundwater planning together. We also periodically host webinars to share more in-depth on relevant topics and every few years we host an NGO Collaborative Convening to gather together for an extended time of deep engagement.

To join, please contact: Diana Voss-Gonzalez,

Share Your Story

We are looking to tell stories about how community members, NGO affiliates and environmental advocates are involved in and impacted by sustainable  groundwater management. The success of SGMA and the future of our state depend on having a diverse set of stakeholders participating in the process of managing our groundwater. We would love to hear and share your groundwater in our blog series, Groundwater Perspectives.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact: Cristal Gonzalez,

Additional Questions

For any additional questions, comments, or feedback.