Groundwater Convening


The NGO Groundwater Collaborative Convening is an opportunity for community members, practitioners, resource providers, and regulators to reflect on early SGMA Implementation; and foster enhanced collaboration for the next phase of SGMA implementation.

2020 Groundwater Collaborative Virtual Convening

Attendees reflected on lessons learned from early SGMA implementation and identified opportunities to enhance collaboration across drinking water and environmental groups for the next phase of groundwater planning. Participants included community members, practitioners, resource providers, and regulators. The Convening concluded with a “resource fair” where technical assistance providers showcased new tools and resources to aid GSP analysis and effective implementation.

Attendee Pre-Convening Packet available here 

 Attendee Follow Up Packet available here


NGO Convening Day 1 – Powerpoint Slides (PDF) available here

NGO Covening Day 1 – Notes (PDF) available here

Session Recordings:


Choosing the Right Management Action – The Role of Monitoring Networks & Economics

Presented by:

Coreen Weintraub, UCS 

Ellen Bruno, UC Berkeley 

Darcy Bostic, UC Davis


Breakout Session – EJ & Enviros: What Are Our Shared Priorities? 

Facilitated by:

Kristen DobbinPhD Candidate, UC Davis

Suzannah Sosman, AgInnovations

Joseph McIntyre, AgInnovations

Nell Green NylenWheeler Water Institute, Berkeley Law

Mike MyattWater Foundation

Alesandra Najera, Water Foundation


NGO Day 2 – Powerpoint Slides (PDF) available here

NGO Day 2 – Notes (PDF) available here

Resource Fair information (PDF) available here

Session Recordings:


Panel Discussion – 2020 Plan Review Lessons Learned 


Samantha Arthur, National Audubon Society

Sandi Matsumoto, The Nature Conservancy 

Debi Ores, Community Water Center 


Deep Dive: Lessons Learned – Looking Forward

Breakout Facilitators:

Equity & EJ: Amanda Monaco, Leadership Council for Justice and Accountability

Climate: Pablo OrtizUnion of Concerned Scientists

Env Flows and RechargePablo Garza, Environmental Defense Fund

Water Markets and Fallowing: Christina Babbitt, Environmental Defense Fund 


State Agency Panel – Commitment, Coordination, & Policy Direction 


Craig Altare, Supervising Engineering Geologist, Department of Water Resources

Natalie Stork, Groundwater Management Program, State Water Board

Catherine Freeman Chief Consultant, State Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife


Tools & Resources Fair 

Presentations by: 

Coreen Weintraub, Union of Concerned Scientists

Christina Babbitt, Environmental Defense Fund

Ruthie Redmond, The Nature Conservancy

Debi Ores, Community Water Center

Becky Rittenburg, The Freshwater Trust

Amanda Monaco, Leadership Council for Justice and Accountability

Daniel Mountjoy, Sustainable Conservation

Tara Moran (presented by Jennifer Clary), Stanford Water in the West