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Groundwater in the Cuyama Valley

The groundwater picture is changing in the Cuyama Valley, one of 21 critically overdrafted groundwater basins in the state. Check out our recent film and webinar. Here’s the film: You can watch the hour-long webinar featuring comments from participants in the film by clicking here.¬†


In Case You Missed It! Our First Groundwater Matters Webinar

On November 17, 2016 Clean Water Fund held their first webinar in the Groundwater Matters Webinar Series. Watch the recording of the webinar here!


Panelist included: Jennifer Clary (Water Program Manager at Clean Water Action), Kristin Dobbin (Regional Water Management Coordinator at Community Water Center) and John Burchard (General Manager of Alpaugh Community Services District). The webinar was moderated by Matt Davis (California Communications Director at Clean Water Action) and hosted by Kori Johnson-Lane (CivicSpark Water Fellow with the Local Government Commission).

Watch the full film discussed in the webinar here!

If you have any questions regarding the Groundwater Matters Webinar Series and how to register for the next one please contact:

Kori Johnson-Lane
CivicSpark Water Fellow
Tel. 415.369.9160 x340

For all other inquires feel free to talk to some of the panelist:

Jennifer Clary
Water Program Manager
Clean Water Action
Tel. 415.369.9171

Kristin Dobbin
Regional Water Management Coordinator
Community Water Center
Tel. 559.733.0219

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Why You Should Sign Up For Our Groundwater Webinar If You Live In California

I often think California is a pretty crazy place. Many of us live on dangerous fault lines, the technology industry has driven house prices higher than all believable bounds, inequality is more pronounced than almost anywhere on earth, and yet, many of us obsess over our dietary choices and appearance more than anything. Not judging….