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Want More Knowledge on SGMA? Check Out Our Webinar Series!

  Our webinars are now available to view in one place! Click here to view: Stay tuned for more webinars! -By Kori Johnson-Lane, CivicSpark: Water Fellow

In Case You Missed It! The Environment Needs Groundwater: Guidance for SGMA Implementation

On April 20th, 2017 Clean Water Fund hosted another Groundwater Matters webinar with The Nature Conservancy. The Nature Conservancy discussed the technical guide and maps they developed to identify and assess Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDE).The Nature Conservancy provided a better understanding of the interconnectedness of surface water and groundwater, and how to use the GDE Map tool…

In Case You Missed It! The 11th Hour for GSAs:what happens after July 1st?

On February 16, 2017 Clean Water Fund held their second webinar in the Groundwater Matters Webinar Series. Watch the recording of the webinar here! Featured Speakers: Sam Boland-Brien, Manager of the State Water Board Groundwater Management Program Kori Johnson-Lane, CivicSpark Water Fellow with Local Government Commission Moderated by: Matt Davis, California Communications Director for Clean…

Why You Should Sign Up For Our Groundwater Webinar If You Live In California

I often think California is a pretty crazy place. Many of us live on dangerous fault lines, the technology industry has driven house prices higher than all believable bounds, inequality is more pronounced than almost anywhere on earth, and yet, many of us obsess over our dietary choices and appearance more than anything. Not judging….

Behind Those California Water Headlines: Problem Solved! Let’s All Go Home!?

Headlines are funny things. They exert a pull that forces us to follow their lead into a story, even though the story itself may be dry and mundane. The three headlines above represent stories published last week to highlight a study by two Stanford researchers who were researching water quality and quantity beneath California’s major oil…