Interested Stakeholder Letter Template

Who should you contact to be included as an “interested stakeholder”

a.    Groundwater Sustainability Agency (if one has been formed – check DWR’s website
b.    Local water agency (if groundwater is a source)
c.    Board of Supervisors
d.    Current groundwater management entity  – these can be found on DWR’s website

Statutory requirement (SB 1168)

10723.4. The groundwater sustainability agency shall establish and maintain a list of
persons interested in receiving notices regarding plan preparation, meeting
announcements, and availability of draft plans, maps, and other relevant documents.
Any person may request, in writing, to be placed on the list of interested persons.

Letter template:

Dear [  ]

I am writing to notify you that I am an interested in receiving information related to the development of a Groundwater Sustainability Agency or development of any Groundwater Sustainability Plans.

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 (SGMA) provides a framework for sustainable management of groundwater supplies by local authorities, The SGMA acknowledges the importance of maintaining persons interested in Groundwater Sustainability Agency and Groundwater Sustainability Plan development informed of relevant processes. Specifically the SGMA requires that interested persons be notified of relevant notices, meetings, announcements, draft plans and other relevant documents and further requires that all such interested persons be placed on a list to receive such notifications upon their written request. (Cal. Water Code 10723.4)

As a local stakeholder of ____ County,   I wish to be included on the list of interested stakeholders that will receive further information on ways to meaningfully participate in processes related to GSA development, Groundwater Sustainability Plan development and implementation, and any Basin Boundary change proposals in the county.

[It would be helpful, but not required, if you would list your interests here – for example, if your groundwater supply or quality is impacted, if you rely on a domestic well, if a portion of your drinking water comes from groundwater, if your livelihood relies on groundwater, note that here].

Since I am not yet aware of the formation of a groundwater sustainability agency for this region, I am writing to request that your agency and your staff provide me with notifications as outlined above until such time that a GSA is formed. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you.